What is mouse delay?
When the mouse has started moving, the game cursor is not moving. Mouse delay is mainly caused by the dead zone of the game. The dead zone refers to the distance that the joystick moves when the joystick is touched until the game starts to respond. Since the VX simulates the joystick as a mouse and keyboard, it is also limited by the dead zone.
How to reduce mouse delay?

1. Check if the adjustment parameters of the dead zone are provided in the game and adjust it to the minimum value. 

2. Using the official configuration, the right stick on the official configuration has a dead zone value of 75, which is a relatively appropriate value. If you feel the mouse delayed, try to reduce the dead zone appropriately. The dead zone value should not be too small.Otherwise, the centering will be too sensitive and shaken.

What is a mouse freeze?
When you are trying to be accurate, you will skip a distance or ignore some pixels in the middle; when the alignment is moving, a stepped trajectory will occur instead of a smooth trajectory. These phenomenon fail to reach the desired aiming and affect the feel.
How to unfreeze the mouse ?

1. Fine-tuned based on official configuration or official configuration will unfreeze the mouse. Using extreme or abnormal settings can freeze the mouse. (If there is no official configuration, slight adjustment will do) 

2. Adjust the sensitivity in the game. In the case of an official configuration, it is usually only necessary to adjust the sensitivity of the game to a high or higher to get a good experience. 

3. Do not use mouses with too high DPI. DPI refers to the phenomena of moving the number of pixels per inch, usually the high DPI mouse has interpolation, which will completely lose the positioning accuracy of the mouse. The applicable DPI range of VX is 400-2000. The matching mouse sensor of VX is PMW3360. It is a high-end mouse sensor. The interpolation of 400, 800, 1200 and their interpolation is almost negligible.

4. Use mouses with 500Hz or 1000Hz polling rate. Polling rate refers to the frequency of mouse transmission data. 125Hz is thought that data is sent every 8ms; 1000Hz is to send data every 1ms. The closer the data interval is sent, the smoother the effect of the mouse. However, the low-end mouse sensor in the market will have a large fluctuation of 700hz, 800hz, 900hz at a polling rate of 1000Hz. But a polling rate of 500hz, the fluctuation is smaller. In this case, the mouse polling rate of 500hz is better. If you are using a VX mouse, keep the default setting.