How to connect VX to PS4

Video tutorial

Read Before Use

1. Make sure you are using the PS4 official controller;

2. Insert the mouse into the mouse-specific USB port in the keyboard;

3. Use the controller to enter the PS4 game selection page;

4. The keyboard indicator lights from top to bottom, respectively, are the connection status indicator, the connection mode indicator, and the power indicator.

Connect VX to PS4

1. Plug the USB cable of VX mouse into the USB port of VX.

2. Switch on GameSir VX, the connection indicator will flash in green, meaning GameSir VX is ready to be connected.

3. Plug the dongle into the USP port of PS4, the dongle indicator will flash in green, meaning PS4 is ready to be connected. When the connection indicator and the dongle indicator stay green, the connection is completed.

4. Plug the official controller having connected to PS4 into the USB port of the dongle via USB cable, and wait for the controller to be identified. When the connection indicator stays blue, the identification is completed.

5. When the powered-on controller is to connect, PS4 will enter User Select automatically; select the related user and confirm to complete the connection. In default,use “A” and “D” keys to select, “Space”(X as confirm) and “C”(O as confirm) keys to confirm.

*When the powered-off controller is to connect, GameSir VX is ready to use.