Q: Why my VX can not connect to other device?

A: Check if the connection mode is correct. At the same time, press and hold FN+ESC keys to reset and then re-operate.

Q: How to deal with the failure of keys?

A: Check if the connection mode is correct. Download the GameSir G-Crux on the phone, press FN+F4 to switch the Bluetooth mode connection, and then test if the key is normal.

Q: Why can't connect to the Switch?

A: a. Unplug the dongle, restart the keyboard, press FN+ESC to reset, insert the dongle and wait for pairing. 

b. Try to upgrade the VX keyboard dongle firmware, please refer to the link: https://gamesir.hk/pages/gamesir-vx-aimswitch-lite-tutorial

C. Check if the cable is normal.

Q: The VX keyboard firmware is automatically shut down during the firmware upgrade process and cannot be turned on again.

A: Please try to upgrade the firmware through the PC. For details, please click https://gamesir.hk/pages/gamesir-vx-upgrade-tutorial

Q: After connecting to the console, the mouse cursor is freezing in the game , and its delay is serious.

A: a. Connect VX keyboard to G-Crux, select "My Configuration" , adjust the mouse dead zone parameters;

b. Adjust the DPI. For details, refer to the mouse user manual.

c. In the official VX configuration, select and use the officially available configuration.

Q: How do I customize the buttons on the multi-side mouse?

A: It needs to be changed by the button mapping program provided by the mouse manufacturer. After the change, the custom button settings can be set in the G-Crux.

Q: After connected to peripherals, when I switch to App mode, VX can not connect to the mobile device.

A: Try to cancel the previous pairing, then re-search and re-pair via Bluetooth on the mobile phone. If it has never been connected, but can not connect, please try to switch to the console mode again, then wait for 3 seconds, then switch to App again mode.

Q: Normally, the mouse GM190 in the VX set is blue light, but the one the customer get is a red light.

A: This is normal. Upgrading A3050 version to PMW3360 version will do.

Q: Can the VX mouse and keyboard be charged?

A: The keyboard can be charged.

Q: After VX connecting to PS4, when I play games, the delay is very serious, is there a way to solve it?

A: Download G-Crux App and try the recommended configuration.

Q: VX can not connect to the dongle and the console.

A: Check if the keyboard mode is correct. If it is correct, try to restart the keyboard or FN+ECS keys reset and re-pair. If not, plug the dongle into the VX's USB port, wait for the dongle to pair with the VX successfully , and then plug the dongle into the console’USB port to connect.